Testing breakfast foods

What's a better way to spend a Saturday morning than making test shoots of breakfast food.  Before eating anything or drinking any coffee. It was a test of temptation resistance, of which I lasted a good 10 minutes till I devoured the test images, I mean test food. 

Things I learned from the test shoot.

  • I need larger V Flats.  I currently 32 x 40s, which is good for small table top light modification.  But when I wanted to modify it to make manipulated light, aka, light breaks, I found them short coming. 
  • I should have added a small white bounce card to the right to give the bagel sandwich some light fill.  Although the white coffee cup did give a little fill.  Just a smidge.
  • I need to larger base set props, more marble, better wood, for larger sets. 

Pastrami bagel sandwich from Philly Style Bagels, coffee from ReAnimator Coffee, and cheese curds from The Cow and the Curd.