Falling off the wagon.

As the title says, I figuratively fell off the wagon.  By that I mean posting here on this blog and my personal project, In Search of Little Saigon in America.  On the plus side, I have been updating my Exposure site!  So if you want to stay really up to date with me, subscribe to my Exposure site.  The last work I posted there is quite cool, Felt + Fat.  

I also did a story for Philadelphia Magazine on Wm. Mulherin Son's for their September issue.  Can't post any images of them till a month or so after it has been published.  But the place was pretty awesome!  It was a really amazing experience and much more involved than my work with Edible Philly.  As the editor loved the work, here's to hoping that I will shoot more stories for them.  

But it's like this, after an assignment I just meander around, both walking and photographically speaking.  It helps me readjust from shooting for work to shooting for personal where I can take risks and do whatever I want.

With my pending adventure to Vietnam in October, I need to really get back into my personal project groove.  I guess I'll look for details and scenes, while I continue to push for portraits and interviews.