Vegetarians can have cheesesteaks too.

I went to Philadelphia with my dad on Thursday, so he could have a good time and enjoy himself. Check out the photo essay here:  Being a Tourist.   We had some pretty good vegan cheesesteaks at Hip City Veg and Blackbird Pizzaria.  

So since I had vegetarian cheesesteaks on my mind, I had to make it at home.  I love cheese, milk, and ice cream, so I could never be a vegan.  

Grilling. It's good for you.

I spent this weekend grilling this dish.  No really, I spent the entire weekend making it for lunch dinner and lunch.  While delicious every time, I was trying to make a really good photographic composition.  So I call this weekend... the weekend of grilling vegetarian beef and toasted bread!  It is quite good actually, lightly toasted baguette and vegetarian beef that was soaking in Nuoc Mam and then grilled?  What's not to love?

The photo adventures, along with this food, can be found on my exposure post.


2 tbsp of olive oil

1 tbsp of diced dill

1 tbsp of diced parsley

1 tbsp of sliced scallion onion

1 cup of nuoc mam

1 cup of beef (or vegetarian Soy as I used)

1/2 baguette

In a bowl, put the olive oil in with the diced dill, parsley, and scallion onions.  Spread a little bit of the oil on the bread that you sliced in half.  Lightly toast the bread.  Meanwhile, let the beef or vegetarian soy soak in the Nuoc Mam.

When the soaking is finished, skewer the beef onto the shish kabob sticks.  Then coat both sides with the olive oil mix.  

On a grill, grill the shish kabob'ed beef till golden. 

With the bread toasted, enjoy with a sprinkle of lemon on top of the beef!