Orange you glad about fruit?

Over the weekend, I had a two bushels of oranges to eat, drink, make pictures of and went on a street food walk around east Passyunk ave in Philadelphia.  Check out the story here

Having sliced and squeezed some oranges after work one day, I thought to myself to make some test images of the oranges on the weekend.  Using my one flash, some natural light, and bounce v flats, I set up these shots in the middle of my living room. For these images, what I think could have been better is that I could have added some more variations of citrus fruit- blood oranges, grapefruit, maybe a lemon.  And at the last image with the juiced set, some food associated with breakfast.. waffles, eggs, maybe some hash browns and bacon.  Probably will need to find more things to use as my base to shoot on. 

Making test shoots: Ice Cream

Bringing back the test shoots.  Back in mid 2012, I started going out more to check out different shops to eat and photograph while my test shooting went to the back burner.  Eventually I just focused on location and restaurant food images that my test work stopped.  Gladly after going to Penny's workshop, I have started to do more test shoots.  Well even though my work space is small.  Using a flash softbox and white/black boards, I have just been testing food styling and product work.  

For this session, I used the Weckerly's ice cream as my test subjects.  I stocked up on the pints, after finished eating them, and bought two more to make this set.  I also bought their Koko ice cream sandwich, but realized that I need more than one sandwich to make an image work.  So that will come later as I need to go back to the store to buy them.  I wanted to make this a little moody, and allow the whites and colors stand out more so I used more darks in the background and base.  Well for most of them.  

I am a sucker for natural light, but as I came home late from work yesterday it was already cold and dark out.  Hence using the flash and softbox to try to emulate morning light as it was placed to the right of these photographs.  I will eventually pick up a Profoto B1, but the flash and softbox will suffice for now. 

What I am training myself on, is where to place the items for a stronger composition, color coordination, styling of the food, and the lighting.  What I learned last night, is that photographing ice cream is always difficult.  And will be so in the summer when it is hot out.  Not only is it trickier to get the right looking scoop, you have to work fast before the subject starts to melt.  Being one person, moving fast with changing the sets and shooting means I have to be extremely efficient with my movements and decisions.

This is my summary of this test.  Ice cream sandwiches should come next.