These days are for grilling

It is the 4th of July weekend.  A day where Americans celebrate our independence by watching fireworks and grilling up some food.  But more importantly give our appreciation and love to our country and our military who sacrifice so much.

This weekend, I grilled up some hot dogs to make some chili dogs, bun thit ngon, and went off to start my new personal photography project.  Searching for Little Saigon.


Personal Projects

So as my plotted ideas of heading Vietnam has been shuttered, for a year, I still want to get some essence of Vietnamese culture in photographs.  I still work and have about nineteen vacation days, I know first world issues, and will be in Texas and California this summer.  So that said, I would have a smaller amount of days to be in Vietnam.  And if you are heading all that way you should shoot for a month or more.  

So hopefully I will have accumulated enough money, with more incoming money from my photography work, to quit my job and go.  Or wait till I can just head there for a full month to head to Vietnam and photograph the life and food.  Since Philadelphia, and the cities that I visit, have their own Vietnamese communities, I will start this project off with exploring those areas.  


Surely nothing would compare, in terms of experiencing Vietnam, but this will be pretty close and suffice till then.  I am still trying to get farms to let me photograph them and their workers, but, emailing and waiting is a slow game.  So I am just going to work on a couple photography projects.  

So that's what's going to go on for a little bit.  If you want to see where I go to explore and eat, keep your eyes on this blog!