Pho Soup Dumplings

They are real.  I repeat, pho soup dumplings, are real!  

I know that there has been some time between posts with all my blogs.  But I have a post to put up!  I spent the weekend making pho soup dumplings.  It's like eating a bowl of pho in one bite!  I might put up a recipe on Foodploration, if there is interest in it.  But, here are the images.

Well I know what my family will be starting Thanksgiving dinner with!

Night Markets and Food

I just came back from California, yesterday 10/18/14, at 1 pm and edited the photographs that I made while out there.  I was able to take a day away to photograph some more scenes for "Searching for Little Saigon in America." As well as explore another night market in California.  It's not fair, how come Philadelphia does not have as many as California?