What's the weirdest thing that you ate?

“When your mom and I first arrived in America we saw these hot dog carts.  Your mother reacted, “they eat dogs in America too?!’”

Melted cheese with chopped tomatoes and caramelized onions topping on the hot dog.

Melted cheese with chopped tomatoes and caramelized onions topping on the hot dog.


I was driving my dad home from the gym when, for some reason, he started talking to me about hot dogs.  Not really sure why we were talking about hot dogs, but, meat in tube form is always amazing.  Well for those who aren’t vegetarian.  My parents left a country where food, sometimes, came from our four legged friends.  While they never dined on dogs, they knew that it was pretty common in Vietnam.  You didn’t eat them… right, dad?  Mom?  

Food surprises is shared among every culture.  Just recall all the responses to when Anthony Bourdain ate those brains, pig anuses, etc.  Not going to even bother writing down Andrew Zimmerman’s meal repertoire.  I guess this is a post of the weirdest food that one has eaten.  

Sure sure, hot dogs aren’t actually “out there” food, well for us, but not so much for those coming from South East Asia.  At least in the 70s.  I am sure there are hot dogs, currently, being sold in Vietnam so that people know what it is and what it isn’t.  Hint: hot dogs aren’t made out of dogs.

One of the weirdest food, well if you can call it that, wasn’t very far from home.  In college, my mom had this pack of Natto that she purchased from our local Han Ah Rheum store and wanted my brother, friend, and myself to try it.  So we did.  If you don’t know what natto is, you don’t want to know.  Okay maybe you do.  It is basically fermented soy beans.  It was gooey, real soft and sticky with a pretty pungent odor.  It is supposed to be good for your digestion.  But it was so hard to wash the flavor out of our mouths! 

Having only recently re-introducing meat into my diet, it is hard to find weird food in a vegetarian diet.  Though eating an aloe plant, stir fried jack fruit peels with turmeric, Syzygium samarangense (wax apple) which looked pretty but didn't taste like anything, were among the odd things that I have had while being a vegetarian.

While my, current, list of odd foods do not compare to so many others, I am working on it.  Does an errant ant on my food count as eating bugs?  What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve eaten?