33.  That is the age I turned to on the 20th of Sept.  So to celebrate I went to Zahav on Saturday and then to South Philly Barbacoa on Sunday.  I completed my Solomonv-Cook shop circuit Saturday!  Well till they open the Rooster Soup... I really want to make some portraits of Mike Solomonov.  So Universe, please make that happen!  What can I say about Zahav?  The food is amazing, the setting is cozy and beautiful, and the wait staff were extremely nice and helpful.  Can you ask for better?  It was a great experience.  I am really glad that I saved Zahav for last on my Solomonov circuit.  It's like a continuous crescendo of great food & service!

Then on Sunday, the actual day of my birthday, I spent the morning at South Philly Barbacoa for the mixiotes special.  Sure I ran two miles first thing in the morning and biked to South Philly Barbacoa to help digest the amazing meal I had at Zahav.  For this weekend they had a special called Mixiotes.  I didn't know what it was, but it sounded good so I wanted to eat it.  This is what it is, according to Wikipedia: is a traditional pit-barbecued meat dish in central Mexico; especially in the Basin of Mexico. It can also be prepared in an oven. It is usually made with mutton or rabbit, but chicken, lamb, and pork are also used. The meat is cubed with the bone and seasoned with pasilla and guajillo chili peppers, cumin, thyme, marjoram, bay leaves, cloves and garlic. It is then wrapped in small packages made of the tough semi-transparent outer skin of the leaves of the maguey or century plant, which gives it a unique flavor.  Diced nopales are often included with the meat before wrapping.

After I ate the mixiotes, added a little too many peppers, I biked off to the Fairmount park area.  As always on these rides, I think about how far I have gotten with my photography work.  I keep thinking of how much further I need to go to make it to the next stepping stone, the end goal never in sight, just another stepping stone.