A Confessional Tale

I have a confession to make.  And I am making this blog post my confessional.  Though if you are a reader on this blog, or my exposure (which I just posted a couple new stories!) you will realize something different.

Maybe I posted about this before, but I am on my proverbial soap box, man!

I am not completely vegetarian.  Gasp!  Well considering that I have been vegetarian since 5th grade it is a bit of a shock.  I was vegetarian, and still prefer it, because of a belief that my family was in.  Parents still believe in it, I do not share those beliefs.  

Anyway, I went to Cafe Soho!  Which is pretty out there in Northern Philadelphia, but definitely worth the drive.  If they had a location in center city Philadelphia, I would have definitely gone to check that one out sooner.  


Food Adventures can be found here: A Fragile Bird.

Where I been to this weekend:

  • Cafe Soho.  It's a good place for Korean fusion. The wings are a delight, but be sure to try out all the other dishes too.  
  • ReAnimator Coffee: My favorite coffee shop in Philadelphia.  Located in Fishtown, Philadelphia!  Go there for your fresh coffee!
  • Franklin Fountains: Located in Old City, Philadelphia, it is an amazing ice cream shop that makes its ice cream in house.