It's burger season! Or isn't it always?

For some time now I have been working on a personal photography project, well one of many, on documenting farms.  I have wanted to go to Wye Brook Farms for some time now.  The last time I was about to go, rain was about to come down and my car's check oil lamp lit up.    This time, though I did have a check engine light lit, it was sunny!  It's a farm all the way up in Lancaster PA.  It's about an hour and fifty minute drive.

So I went to the farm!  

Check out the post here: Wye Brook Farms,

you can also see the other farms I documented:

Cherry Grove Farm

Doublebrook Farm

Afterwards, I didn't go out.  I knew I had to get new tires and an alignment which would cost $$$.  So I spent the rest of the weekend making food at home.  


I started marinading this portebella mushroom to make a burger with it, but I put too much garlic salt in it.  Let's just say it wasn't up to snuff.  So I just used a veggie burger patty instead.

I also made a dish of cold soba for lunch.  Trying to make the same kind of dish that I had at Izakaya in LA.  Just without the miso soup.

Dreaming through the Noise

Dear Vienna Teng, I just used a song lyric of yours.  

I haven't posted a blog entry here for close to two weeks.  I was in California baby sitting my awesome nephew, Vincent, and exploring the area.  Check out the photography story on my Exposure.  I could have written another "How did I shoot this" entry but figured the previous three entries are a good summation of the technical process.  A lot of the rest is conceptual and personal aesthetic. 

So as I was spending my time in California doing the uncle responsibilities, I did cook, explore the food and coffee areas, and thought further about being this food and culture photographer.  Speaking of coffee, I found two really great coffee shops in SoCal- Cafeito Organico and Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa!  Finally!  I ran out of my coffee that I brought from home, my bag of Rwanda beans from ReAnimator Coffee.  Being a strict vegetarian from 5th grade till I was about 29, I had to really sit down with myself and think about this.  Can I be a vegetarian and still appreciate food and food culture?  Not everyone is a vegetarian or meatatarian.  How can I document everything if I keep myself closed to the vast world of gastronomy?  So while I am not going full on meatatarian, I need to develop some appreciation of it.

That said....

I had a messy, but, delicious crab and clam roast! 

I hope you enjoyed the food photographs and some of the food culture I ate across.  haha ate across instead of walked across!  Get it?  For more of the culture go to my Exposure post: Dreaming the Californian Dream.