Ice cream for you and me.

I haven't posted something in like two weeks!  Gasp!  

Last weekend I was in San Antonio, Texas attending my friends wedding.  Go check out that weekend's adventure here.   And lately I have been thinking about my Friday links.  I'll try to post a new one this coming Friday.

This weekend, after seeing some ice cream photographs around the web, I thought to myself that I needed to redo my portfolio images of ice cream.  The ice cream and sorbet was bought from the Weckerly's Ice Cream in Philadelphia.  If you are in Philadelphia, go check them out.  Philadelphia magazine recently listed them as one of the best.  And they are.

Since I recently got back from Texas and will be leaving on the 12th of August to California, I did not go out to explore or work on my "Searching for Little Saigon in America."  I will be continuing that project, next weekend but definitely when I go to California as there is a very large community of Vietnamese people there.