How I shot it.

As this blog is till new, (still has that freshly made smell from the oven!) I was pondering what kind of material I want to cover on it.  I already know I will post food and travel photographs, but what if I put together posts on how I shot it? 

From my home made dumplings set.

This photograph was taken when I was making my handmade dough for dumplings.  After creating an organized mess (oxymoron anyone?) I used a red textured plate to bring in some color to this pretty duo-tone image. I mainly use natural light, as shot with this one, but there are times when I add a little punch of light from my studio lights.  

Then I shot it from above because it has such a strong graphic feel to it.  Editing wise, I bumped the exposure up a tad, then used Alienskin Exposure's kodachrome treatment on the photograph.  Actually all my edits is just mini adjustments of the exposure, checking white balance, and then running it through Alienskin Exposure for the modern Kodachrome.  I really love kodachrome and was sad that Kodak discontinued the film stock and development.

That's all there was to take this photograph.