How I light.

Continuing on my "how I shot this" series of blog posts, I will write on how I light and control my light.  

In simple terms- all natural light.

But more complex...

I use natural light from the window as my main light source.  Then use diffusers to help soften the light and white/black foam core to modify the light.  I use the white side to reflect the light to soften the shadows and vice versa use the black if I want to deepen the shadows.  Every now and then I take out my studio lights to make an even lighting.  But that is only when I am making a dish and it is really gloomy outside.  

Harkening back to the days when I photographed weddings, I had two Canon flashes.  These days I just have one flash.  Attached is a magmod to modify the light.  I actually don't use this that often, mostly when I am doing portraits.  For food itself, it's when I want to make a strongly directed light.  

The next up are my lights that I bought on  These have a color temp that is very close to natural light.  I only take these out when there is hardly any light because of a coming storm.  Or a fill light.  On location, there are some places that just lack a good source of natural light.  So these come in handy!

I made a large 6 x 6 ft light diffuser.  What it is a 6 x 6 square with translucent cloth to diffuse the light.  I also have portable diffusers too. 

But for all my lighting gear that I have bought, the ones I use the most are these $2 pieces of foam core.  I use the white side to bounce the light so to soften the shadows.  And the black side to deepen the shadows if I wanted to.  

These are the items that I use to to enhance and manipulate the lighting of my work.  While mostly natural light, I modify it to give depth to my food photographs!

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about lighting for food photography.