Back from Vietnam

I came back from Vietnam on the 29th of October.  Since then I was editing the photographs and posting all of the images to my exposure site.  If you want to read the stories, go to these links.  

  1. HCMC the first part
  2. Going in Deep
  3. Rain in Danang
  4. That Hue
  5. How Long til Ha Long?
  6. Ma Hai

Now that I am back and all of the photographs are edited and posted in the long story format, what I am going to share here are the portfolio pieces which are linked to my smugmug so you can purchase those images if you so desire.  Which you should.  

As I am trying to work on In Search of Little Saigon in America flush with images and work, I realized I didn't have a good representation of Vietnam from the last time I was there.  So going back to Vietnam for that was one of the primary reasons.  Stay tuned for the gallery showing in the near future.

Each of these images are linked to my smugmug gallery where you can purchase them.  For more choices, go to my smugmug gallery. And buy as much as your heart desires.  :)  

Dreaming through the Noise

Dear Vienna Teng, I just used a song lyric of yours.  

I haven't posted a blog entry here for close to two weeks.  I was in California baby sitting my awesome nephew, Vincent, and exploring the area.  Check out the photography story on my Exposure.  I could have written another "How did I shoot this" entry but figured the previous three entries are a good summation of the technical process.  A lot of the rest is conceptual and personal aesthetic. 

So as I was spending my time in California doing the uncle responsibilities, I did cook, explore the food and coffee areas, and thought further about being this food and culture photographer.  Speaking of coffee, I found two really great coffee shops in SoCal- Cafeito Organico and Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa!  Finally!  I ran out of my coffee that I brought from home, my bag of Rwanda beans from ReAnimator Coffee.  Being a strict vegetarian from 5th grade till I was about 29, I had to really sit down with myself and think about this.  Can I be a vegetarian and still appreciate food and food culture?  Not everyone is a vegetarian or meatatarian.  How can I document everything if I keep myself closed to the vast world of gastronomy?  So while I am not going full on meatatarian, I need to develop some appreciation of it.

That said....

I had a messy, but, delicious crab and clam roast! 

I hope you enjoyed the food photographs and some of the food culture I ate across.  haha ate across instead of walked across!  Get it?  For more of the culture go to my Exposure post: Dreaming the Californian Dream.