California! Are you going to be there?

This weekend I am taking my dad to the beach, but hoping to go out to make some photographs this Sunday.  And my posts might be coming in slower for a little bit.. because...

Yes... I am heading back to California next week, August 12th - 26th.  Oh I think maybe my title gave this surprise away.  But I will be in the SoCal region for most of it and then camping in the Sequoia area.  I will be also going to the Little Saigon areas to photograph as much of the food culture as I can while there. 

But you would probably already know that I would be coming back to SoCal, California.  But are you there?  More importantly, do you want to hang out with me?  You know I would love to meet the people who are friends and readers! 

Also.. a plug for family and lifestyle sessions.  Yeah I do those.  One hour of shooting, digital images, and one large print.  All for $300.   Email me at!