Since I have started using Squarespace as the host and designer for my portfolio, I have stayed with one look.  Previously, my photographs would span right across the page where you would need to click on the most right or left to go forward or backwards.  I liked it.  It was simple, clean, and intuitive to use. 

But.  It was hard to write up descriptions of galleries and projects along with the images. 

So that is where this new design comes in. 

It is just as intuitive and clean to use.  It isn't as simple, but the plus side is that I can have short written descriptions to go with my projects! And then linked to the full stories on my Exposure page

Anyway, that's why I made the change. 

I just finished an editorial shoot with row 360 for the next issue.  When I get the magazine, I'll share those pictures!  Here is one or two that I can post!  I know it's not food related, but, it's work.