I just came back from a 2 week journey to California to spend time with family with a huge catalog of photographs to work on.  Not only did I take a lot of pictures of my nephews, can't help that.. I am an uncle after all, I looked for more pictures for my "Searching for Little Saigon in America" project.  If you have just checked out this blog, I would love for you to participate in this survey or send this to those you know would want to be a part of this project: Be a part of Searching for Little Saigon in America

There will be food culture post soon.  I hope to edit the photographs by the end of the week!  In the mean time, check out the instagrams! 

At Anelpalco Cafe in California.

At Anelpalco Cafe in California.

California! Are you going to be there?

This weekend I am taking my dad to the beach, but hoping to go out to make some photographs this Sunday.  And my posts might be coming in slower for a little bit.. because...

Yes... I am heading back to California next week, August 12th - 26th.  Oh I think maybe my title gave this surprise away.  But I will be in the SoCal region for most of it and then camping in the Sequoia area.  I will be also going to the Little Saigon areas to photograph as much of the food culture as I can while there. 

But you would probably already know that I would be coming back to SoCal, California.  But are you there?  More importantly, do you want to hang out with me?  You know I would love to meet the people who are friends and readers! 

Also.. a plug for family and lifestyle sessions.  Yeah I do those.  One hour of shooting, digital images, and one large print.  All for $300.   Email me at ted@tednghiemphoto.com!