Orange you glad about fruit?

Over the weekend, I had a two bushels of oranges to eat, drink, make pictures of and went on a street food walk around east Passyunk ave in Philadelphia.  Check out the story here

Having sliced and squeezed some oranges after work one day, I thought to myself to make some test images of the oranges on the weekend.  Using my one flash, some natural light, and bounce v flats, I set up these shots in the middle of my living room. For these images, what I think could have been better is that I could have added some more variations of citrus fruit- blood oranges, grapefruit, maybe a lemon.  And at the last image with the juiced set, some food associated with breakfast.. waffles, eggs, maybe some hash browns and bacon.  Probably will need to find more things to use as my base to shoot on. 


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