I am Reiki up here.

I visited a Reiki when I was in California.  

I uh.. never went to one before, but don't worry I won't tell you to go to one.  Unless you want to. Going to bullet point the highlights of what I was told.

  • I apparently have my grandfather (on my dad's side) and grand mom (on my mom's side), whom I never met, as my guardian spirits.
  • I am a huge sceptic so my aura is pretty huge.  
  • My throat chakra is closed, which means that I have bottled up my emotions and a good region why I am shy.  
  • My horizontal energy flow is closed, but my vertical energy flow is open.  Though I left my family's, or my parents', religious belief my relationship with them is still good and I am open to ideas coming at the top of my head.    
  • I need to let my food work love me back.  Or something like that.

When I had back to California, I might go in for another session to get a better idea.  


Anyway, food photo time.  I made a quick breakfast and then bun thit ngon later.  Check out the: food adventures.  



I am getting back in the groove in the East Coast.