So what's going on? Big news!

Since my last blog entry of test shooting, I did some more test shooting and went to Double Knot for some sushi.  But that's not what I am writing to you about today.

Early yesterday afternoon, before hiking up to Ridge Ave, I bought my round trip ticket and multi entry visa to Vietnam for a month in October.  I am both excited and a little scared.  Excited to go back for that long is going to be an amazing adventure.  Lots of food to eat, photograph, and places to see.  But worried too, as I will be there alone.  Even though I can make friends and meet new people to explore with, at the end of the day.. I am going on my own. 

Europe?  I traveled around Ireland and Italy on my own, while meeting up and making new friends.  But Vietnam?  It is a really busy jammed packed place.  So this is going to be one massive journey for me- physically and emotionally.  Plus I am terrible with the language.  So I have four months to at least learn a workable one.  Also, this will also use up all vacation days so I won't be able to go to California till late winter of 2017. 

But I have to do this.  I need to make photographs.  So from Oct. 4th to 28th, I will be in Vietnam photographing and eating.