Five years..

Now that I wrote here that I am going to Vietnam this October 4-28th, you all know what I am planning on doing there.  If you don't, eating, exploring, and photographing.  I would me remiss if I didn't say that I would love to have my brother Eric go with me.  I do.  But I am going on my own. 

It has been five years now since I have traveled abroad. My very first travel abroad was to Thailand for a week.  I am, still, not sure if I want to talk about that one.  I feel so down about it cause I could have explored every day, but was stuck in a hotel.  Then the year afterwards, I went to Ireland.  A year after that, I spent a lot going around Italy.  Boy was that adventure tasty. Two years after that I went to Vietnam and Cambodia. 


Since 2011, I traveled mostly to California since Eric, Ann, and Vincent moved to California from Massachusetts.  Who can say no to seeing this guy? I have a ton of photographs of him.

I've gone to California so much, there was a time when I thought to drop everything and move there. Then finding work kept poking its head. 

So now that I have a good amount of time flying over to California since going abroad, it is really about time to go abroad again.  I actually was considering going back to Vietnam last year, but the funds were not there for me to do so, plus I went to California four times from May to October.  But now to I do, and my job at work is full time with more pay, it was just right.  I can afford to go.. on an extended trip.  Even if afterwards I can't take a vacation day at work till Spring..

The skeleton of my plan for Vietnam is this- HCMC (Saigon) - Hue - Hanoi. Probably the only tourist spot I would want to see is Ha Long Bay.  I just want to hit the plastic table and seats and eat.  I already bought a couple pairs of heat and sweat regulating clothing.  Pretty sure that I can get away with a month of travel with three to four pairs of clothing.  Gotta pack light because I don't want to bring too much stuff.  I mean my camera gear will probably the most weight of it all.  Once I get my new gear from Campmor (today) I'll do some practice packing.