Back from Vietnam

I came back from Vietnam on the 29th of October.  Since then I was editing the photographs and posting all of the images to my exposure site.  If you want to read the stories, go to these links.  

  1. HCMC the first part
  2. Going in Deep
  3. Rain in Danang
  4. That Hue
  5. How Long til Ha Long?
  6. Ma Hai

Now that I am back and all of the photographs are edited and posted in the long story format, what I am going to share here are the portfolio pieces which are linked to my smugmug so you can purchase those images if you so desire.  Which you should.  

As I am trying to work on In Search of Little Saigon in America flush with images and work, I realized I didn't have a good representation of Vietnam from the last time I was there.  So going back to Vietnam for that was one of the primary reasons.  Stay tuned for the gallery showing in the near future.

Each of these images are linked to my smugmug gallery where you can purchase them.  For more choices, go to my smugmug gallery. And buy as much as your heart desires.  :)  

No Easy Mode.

I went to South Philly Barbacoa for their First Friday, before meeting my date for dinner at Sate Kampar, to check out the pieces that Isiah Zieglar posted.  They were cool 3D pieces with a lot of facial and hands in them.  They should still be on the walls there unless they were purchased.  Check them out if you can!

While I was waiting for my date to arrive, I met this guy and his mom who came in from the Manayunk area to check out the work and the place.  He told me that he was substitute teaching while he figures his next move since he recently returned from a long stay in Mexico and Cuba.  One thing he mentioned about Cuba stood out as I said that I do want to visit Cuba one of these days.

"People are always saying that they want to go see Cuba before it gets touristy.  It's like they are in destitute porn." Well something along those lines.  People wanting to see it before it becomes just a tourist attraction.  Which he does have a point.  You can read those in the comments about travel to Cuba.  I won't lie, there might have been a part of me that wanted to go see Cuba before it gets flocked with other tourists..

Then he said he was thinking about doing photography full time.  But just didn't know what he wanted to photograph.  So I figured I'd tell him the truth about trying to pursue photography full time.  A note, I am not a full time photographer yet, and I am still struggling to pursue it as full time.  But that doesn't mean I can't give advice and suggestions.

My main point was to do this for the long term.  This changing scape of running a successful photography business, outside of weddings and portraits, means having multiple streams of income, a LOT of hustle, networking, and constant flow of improving work.  Not to mention luck.  But luck is just a very minute percentage, compared to everything else.  It's a simple truth that documentary, photojournalism, and still photography is finding much harder time as a single income these days.  So in order to pursue this full time, it is a 100% hustle with everything else involved.  

But as he didn't know exactly what he wanted to photograph, he spoke about looking to assist.  So I said, contact photographers in the area that he looked up to, to try to assist them.  

As the title says, there is no easy mode in pursuing photography as a career.  It's a very long, slow, and at times aggravating pursuit.  But if you put your head down to the ground and keep on pounding the pavement, who knows you might very well succeed in doing so.  

Falling off the wagon.

As the title says, I figuratively fell off the wagon.  By that I mean posting here on this blog and my personal project, In Search of Little Saigon in America.  On the plus side, I have been updating my Exposure site!  So if you want to stay really up to date with me, subscribe to my Exposure site.  The last work I posted there is quite cool, Felt + Fat.  

I also did a story for Philadelphia Magazine on Wm. Mulherin Son's for their September issue.  Can't post any images of them till a month or so after it has been published.  But the place was pretty awesome!  It was a really amazing experience and much more involved than my work with Edible Philly.  As the editor loved the work, here's to hoping that I will shoot more stories for them.  

But it's like this, after an assignment I just meander around, both walking and photographically speaking.  It helps me readjust from shooting for work to shooting for personal where I can take risks and do whatever I want.

With my pending adventure to Vietnam in October, I need to really get back into my personal project groove.  I guess I'll look for details and scenes, while I continue to push for portraits and interviews.