Hello New Home.

"Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R Tolkien

My awesome nephew.

My awesome nephew.

So I made this my new work home.  I originally started my photography website journey as www.tednghiem.com, but when I went to a new server I didn't know how to carry it over.  So it became www.tednghiemphoto.com.  But now I have wandered back to my first domain, www.tednghiem.com.  I am trying to get my tednghiemphoto domain to link to this site as well, so that those who go to that link will go to this new site. 

I already exported my wordpress blog posts and pages, but it looks like I will have to start the blog entries fresh.  Which is to say I am not too upset.  My exposure, home of my photographic essays, have picked up steam and the photography posts already.  So I will not have to re-add content.  This blog will start with new and fresh content.

While I enjoyed what I had when I had them, I started to dislike having a splash page with no options of disabling a splash page.  And my blog got pretty slow because of the leading photo slide show.  Which is understandable, but I need my site to be snappy and responsive.

So that is where this new site comes in.  I hope you enjoy the new work and it's new home!