I am a Philadelphia based food and culture photographer and writer.  To better describe my work, I think food anthropologist-photographer would be a more appropriate description.  Food, and more importantly the people and history behind it, is a way to discover someone's culture from the nuanced spices, methods of cooking, and discussion on how today's dish came from yesterday's.  I find purpose in trying to discover how we relate to a culture, on a macro level, and how we, as individuals, identify ourselves within it.  I use food as a launching point in documenting how we identify within the culture we grew up in and the culture we currently live in. 

I travel often and explore as deeply into a culture whenever possible.

Outside of food and travel, you can find me mountain biking.

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My work can be found in: Saveur, PUNCH, Philadelphia Magazine, Lonely Planet, Mood magazine, Edible Philly, Apartment Therapy.

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