Since my last post, I recently purchased a Fuji Instax S2 which was totally worth it.  I bought 10 boxes of instax prints and have been printed as much work as I could.  Good thing is that it is motivating me to print a full sized portfolio.  Bad thing is that I am spending money to print like me drinking coffee.  

What's cool is that I can print the photos from my phone, or ipad, to the wireless printer.  So I can technically print these on location.  As it is pretty much like a polaroid.  But my process is I take a photo with my camera, transfer to my iphone/ipad, edit using vscocam, and then print.  Extra prints, I hand it to the people who are in the photo.  It's been really great!  

Other than that I was working on a long photo essay for Philadelphia Magazine on Philly's best bars.  I recently picked up two copies of their september issue that had Wm. Mulherin in it that I photographed.  It's awesome to finally see my work being seen and me hired by the editors that I want to work with.  One day, Bon Appetit and Saveur.