I am a Philadelphia based food and culture photographer and writer.  To better describe my work, I think food anthropologist-photographer would be a more appropriate description.  Food, and more importantly the people and history behind it, is a way to discover a culture from the nuanced spices, methods of cooking, and how today's dish came from yesterday's.  I believe in just photographing food and culture in beautiful light and let the subject(s) do the rest. 

I find purpose in trying to discover how we relate to a culture and how we, as individuals, identify ourselves within a culture.  Using food as a launching point in documenting how we identify with our ethnic culture and the culture we live in.  

When able to, I travel often and explore as deeply into a culture as possible.  I have been across the states, into Europe, and South East Asia.  Planning to do another adventure into Vietnam to continue my personal project, "In Search of Little Saigon in America."

Outside of food and travel, you can find me mountain biking, looking for heritage goods (huge fan of Filson, Allen Edmonds, and Wolverine boots) and playing with my dogs.

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My work can be found: Row-360, Saveur, Philadelphia Magazine, Mood magazine, Edible Philly.

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